*1 box Wide Crayola Markers
*2 box Skinny Crayola Markers
*2 box 24 count Crayola Crayons
*2 box 12 count Crayola Colored Pencils
*1 package Dry Erase Markers (Low Oder…Expo, Rose Art-miracle, Boone…work the best)
*2 bottle Washable Elmer’s School Glue (no gel please)
*6 Glue Sticks
*1 Fiskars Scissors (pointed)
*1 School Supply Box
*1 Eraser
*1 Package colored notecards
*1 Roll Masking Tape
*2 Rolls Scotch Tape
*1- 3 prong plastic/poly folder for take home
*4-  paper folder with 2 pockets ( 1 of each color… red, green, yellow and 1 any design.. no  characters please)
*2 -3 prong paper folder with 2 pockets (1 blue, 1 yellow)
* 1-notebook (any color or design NHCS appropriate… NO Cartoon, movie, or superhero characters please)
*3 rolls Paper Toweling
*1 box Kleenex Tissue
*Tennis Shoes for PE…to be left at school
*Old oversized shirt for art smock
*Back pack

*Optional item:

Norwex cleaning clothes  (or monetary donation towards this)
Additional masking tape
Additional scotch tape
Ziploc Sandwich bags
Foaming Hand Soap

Please note the following items that should be labeled you’re your child’s name or initials with permanent marker…1 box skinny markers, 1 box wide markers (sometimes labeling each Marker with initials is helpfulJ),1 crayon box, 1 glue bottle, 1 glue stick (I will collect all but one glue stick and distribute them as needed), 1 colored pencils, scissors, school supply box, poly –folder , all paper folders (please label all folders with First Name and Last Initial in the top right corner), eraser, art smock, PE shoes, backpack, and lunch bag.  All other items will be collected for classroom community use and distributed as needed.

Please note that the second box of skinny markers and colored pencils, 2 glue sticks, and 1 bottle of glue will be sent to the art room. 1 box of crayons and the 3 pronged two pocket red folder will be sent to the music classroom.


All other items will be collected and shared/distributed as needed