Dear Parents of NHCS Third Graders,

I hope that you had an enjoyable summer! I am excited to be joining the New Hope Christian School teaching team this year, and cannot wait to get to know you all more. I am looking forward to this coming school year and hope to make it a wonderful learning experience for your children as we learn and grow together! The following information can be found on the school website, and covers some of the basics you need to know to help make this year a successful one for your third grader.

Growing in Faith: With God’s guidance, I hope to help each child grow in their faith. I want all of our students to know that God loves them and wants us to seek Him with our whole heart. He is always there for us and is always listening. Your child will participate in devotions and daily prayers, as well as memorizing scripture throughout the year. They will have the opportunity to lead the class in prayer when they feel comfortable.

Parental Involvement: Open communication is essential between parents and teacher.  I plan to communicate with you through notes home in your child’s planner, bi-monthly newsletters, emails, the class website and phone calls.  With open communication this can be a fun and successful year for your child and yourself. There are also opportunities for you to be involved in the classroom.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping. 🙂

Snack: Students are welcome to bring a mid-morning snack as long as it is a healthy snack and can be eaten as finger food.  Some ideas for a healthy snack are carrots, a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, or dry cereal.

Birthdays: We will celebrate each student’s birthday on that day or the closest school day.  We will celebrate 1/2 birthdays for those students with summer birthdays.  Your child is free to bring a special treat to share with the class the day we celebrate; however, it is not required. In addition, please note that we do have some students with food allergies (i.e.: cashews, walnuts, and milk).

Pick of the Week: Each child will have the opportunity to be “Pick” of the Week.  During this week your child will be celebrated in many ways.  See the Pick of the week info page to learn more, as well as the schedule of when your child will be Pick of the Week.

Discipline: In our classroom we focus on good behavior and good choices. All students are expected to listen, follow the rules, and be kind to others. My goal is for students to be respectful, responsible, and safe in the classroom. I do my best to acknowledge good behaviors, help students self-regulate emotions, and choose between positive choices for behavior. Our room is equipped with a Safe Place, where students can go when they are feeling overwhelmed or upset to practice calming techniques and regain composure to make the right choice. In the event of serious behaviors, students will be talked with, appropriate consequences may be given, and communication will go home to make sure parents and teacher are on the same page.

Student Planner: A student planner will be used for daily communication between school and home.  It will be the student’s responsibility to write the daily homework in the notebook (I will check it before they leave).  Each student is responsible for writing homework in the planner, taking it home each evening, reviewing the day with a parent, and bringing it back to school each morning.  As a parent, your primary responsibility each evening is to check that your child has completed the homework assignments and then initial the planner.  The goal is to have each child initiate this interaction, but in the beginning you may need to give some reminders.

Daily Homework: Throughout the school year there will be reading, math, spelling, Bible, and geography homework.  As a guideline you can expect 30-45 minutes of homework each evening, with half that time being reading every night at home. Assignments will be communicated to you through both the newsletter and the student planner as to due dates, quizzes, and tests.  Your child will have a folder that travels between home and school each day to keep ‘homework’ and ‘items to stay home’ organized.  In the folder is also a transparent zipper pocket for any extra forms or money that may be sent to school.  Please make sure you guide your child in being responsible for this as well as the student planner.

Library Check-Out Days: Your child will have the opportunity to check out books from the Library each Monday. Your child is allowed to check out 5 books at each visit and they are due back in two weeks.

After-School Dismissal: Every child will have a normal routine in going home. If this routine changes, we need a note explaining the change. For example, if someone other than you is picking up your child, a note needs to be sent to school. If a note is forgotten, please call early enough in the day so the message is received on time! Thank you!

I feel very privileged to work with you and your child. I believe it will be a great year! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ms. Katie Muhlebach

(920)725-8797 ext.319