Welcome to Camp Read-a-Lot … where everyone is encouraged to read!! Each month we will explore a different genre of books.  We will read for the pure enjoyment of reading, to learn about new topics, and more!  Then we will find a creative way to share our books with our friends.  Material will be available in the classroom each month with a project to do for the book that was read.

September:  Read a realistic fiction book.

October:   Read a historical  fiction book.

November:   Read a mystery book.

December:   Read a Newbery book or a book by a Newbery author.

January:   Read an adventure book.

February:  (Fang’s reading goal as well)   Read  2 biographies ( 1 a sports one and the other a famous American)

March:   (Fang’s reading goal as well)   Read 2 sports books ( 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction).

April:   Read a non-fiction book about an animal.

May:   Camp Read-a Lot Reading Celebration  with a special treat to help celebrate the joy of reading !!