Eagle’s Nest 5

The Eagle’s Nest 5 is the 5th grade weekly newsletter.  A new edition arrives weekly to parents via email to let them know what we have been doing in our classroom throughout the week.  It also keeps them up to date on special activities that are happening.

This page will post an overview of what is happening in 5th grade an numerous times throughout the year.

Bible…5th grade is currently reviewing a book entitled ” Case for Christ for Kids” by Lee Strobel, which is helping us learn ways to share our faith and to stand up for what we believe about Christ.  We also are learning about countries in the Caribbean and ways that we can pray for them.  Finally, we are busy studying Bible stories from the Old Testament, especially focusing in on Abraham and Jacob.

Math…Topics in math right now include fractions, percents, lines, and angles.  Daily practice continues on multiplication and division of 3 digit numbers.

Science…We are completing a series of units on life cycles.  This has included the study of the life cycles of cells, salmon, plants, mushrooms, and more.  We watched the mold cycle develop on slices of bread, and also tried our hand at getting various seeds to germinate.  Our current unit is focusing on God’s plan in our world for succession, both primary and secondary.

History…After studying about our country’s early explorers, we have moved on to study life in the early colonies, especially Jamestown and Plymouth,.  We did a special unit on Native Americans, which involved building models of their homes and doing group presentations on various tribes.  Currently we are learning  some interesting facts about each of our 50 states.  We are also preparing a special report on a state of our choice to share with our class in mid-November.

Grammar/writing…We are busy reviewing all of the information that we have learned about sentences.  That includes locating subjects, predicates, prepositions, and more.  This has also been a time to review the rules that we have learned about suffixes and plurals.  Of course, our vocabulary also continues to grow as we learn a variety of new words each day.  All of our grammar skills help us as we work on ways to make our writing exciting.

Field trips…Enhancing our day to day activities can come through the field trips that we take each year.  So far our trips have taken us to the Brillion Nature Center to enhance our science and to Pinecrest Village in Manitowoc to enhance our history.  We look forward to more field trips in the future.

Thought for the Day:  “Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done.”  Colossians 2:7