After serving for 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Prewitt went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. During his time as a Marine, Jared was a Sergeant and a Squad Leader who led his Marines through Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Prior to that, he served in Ramadi, Iraq.  As a Squad Leader, which is a fancy way of saying “teacher” in the military, he taught his Marines how to stay fit, eat nutritiously, manage their personal lives and finances. 

Mr. Prewitt strives to teach children the importance of a healthy and active life style. After suffering a stroke in 2014, where Mr. Prewitt loss the use of the left side of his body and went from 190 pounds to 150 pounds, he went on to make a full recovery and he owes it to his mindset to learn more about his body, get back into weight training, and optimizing his nutrition which then enabled him to achieve such a  miraculous recovery. Mr. Prewitt has a direct approach to Physical Education where he is able to instill not only a love for fitness, but a lifestyle dedicated to discipline and becoming a better person in a Christ centered way. Mr. Prewitt also serves NHCS as the Head of Security, and does Grant Writing.

Mr. Prewitt is married to Brittany and together they have a son, Barrett, and a daughter due Christmas Day 2017. If you don’t find him in the gym, he’s often spending time with his family, reading a book, and enjoying the outdoors either hunting, fishing, hiking or a combination of the three.