IMG_7204 8,27,14 Library Tree wIt is our goal to cultivate a heart of learning through literature and to preserve the library with its technology, books and resources as a vital tool in our modern age. We desire to help train children to understand the stories of our world through the lens of the greatest redemptive story.

Grades K-5 meet weekly for library instruction, checkout books and read aloud time. The Middle School utilizes the library for research, book reports and for reading enjoyment.


Books: Our holdings include over 13,500 books including many Newbery and Caldecott winner/honor, Christian and classic books.
Periodicals: Our subscriptions include World, Ladybug, National Geographic Kids, Appleseeds, Cobblestone, Nature’s Friends and more!

New Books: We are continually adding to our collection through purchases and donations. We are careful to maintain that our books are in accordance with the vision of New Hope Christian School.

Grade Appropriate Books: Our library is somewhat divided by grades in its actual footprint and in each book’s call number. With exception granted through coordination of parent and teacher, the spine call # markings for checking out are divided as follows:
Only call #                 All Grades
—   above call #        3rd Grade and up
+   above call #        5th Grade and up
++ above call #       7th & 8th Grades

Book Donations: We love book donations! As you consider donating new or used books to our library, keep in mind that we look for books in great condition and those in line with our school’s vision.

Birthday Books: If you are interested in donating a book to our library in honor of your child or grandchild’s birthday, we would be pleased to provide a list of book choices. If you have a book in mind, please contact the librarian with your interest. We place a birthday name card on the inside cover of these books, what a special way to celebrate!

Book Reviews: We are hoping to recruit some student writers to share a review of their favorite books throughout the year! These will be highlighted in the library or on a future link here.

Recommended Reading by Grade: Available upon request.

Volunteering: If you are looking for a way to volunteer at NHCS, there is opportunity to shelve and checkout books depending on your availability. What is most helpful is to commit to a weekly time slot either on a M,W, or F during the school day. We will be happy to train you and familiarize you with the footprint of the library. Please call or email Jennifer Gray if you would like more information.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8