Hola. Besides being the Spanish teacher at NHCS, I am the assistant director at Mother and Unborn Baby Care, a christian organization that helps new moms in need of emotional, spiritual and material support .  Before that, I worked as an ELL teacher aide for middle school and high school students at Little Chute School District and a Spanish teacher sub for Fox Valley Christian Academy. Teaching started for me more than 19 years ago when I started teaching Spanish to my oldest child but I discover my passion 17 years ago when the Lord put me to teach a Bible Study in English. Little did I know I would be teaching His Word to children, women, teens in Spanish as well as English. My bachelors degree is in business administration from the University of Puerto Rico, where I am from originally, and I also was an exchange student at the UW-Eau Claire.

My family consists of  Valerie who just turned  21 and studies at UW- Madison and Marcos, a senior in NHS. My husband of 26 years, Jorge, works as HR Manager at Generac.