Extended Care policy and Procedures 2012-2013

 The Ministry of Extended Care exists to provide a safe, Christian centered child care environment for the students of New Hope Christian School.

Parents must register children with the Extended Care Coordinator PRIOR to the entrance into the Extended Care Program.  The NHCS Extended Care Program is NOT a drop-in Child care service and is only available for current students of NHCS on their scheduled school days only.

Requests for Extended Care must be made 24 hours in ADVANCE (This includes any changes in any previous scheduled Extended Care.)  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an additional fee of $2.00 per hour.

Please understand that the number of children scheduled directly affects the number of staff needed for any given day.  IF there are available openings in the schedule, late authorization may be approved by the Extended Care Coordinator at the higher rate.

Please use the email address:  to requests your Extended Care needs.  An Extended Care staff person will answer or contact you as soon as possible. (Please list a phone number in your email request to reach you by phone also.)

NHCS MUST have immediate access to a parent or emergency contact at all times.  These informational numbers must be given to the NHCS staff   BEFORE your child comes to Extended Care.  (You will be given a form to fill our once your child has been accepted into Extended Care.)

Extended Care is $4.00 per hour.  Billing is on a monthly basis.  Payments are due 25th of the month.  Late fees will be applied at the rate of $25.00 per month for payments overdue.  Extended Care fees not paid will result in the inability to schedule in the Extended Care Program and potential termination of the child care contract.  Communication about payment difficulties should be directed to the Extended Care Coordinator.

Extended Care Before School starts at 7:15 am – 7:45 am (for K – 8th grade) and

7:15 am – 9:00 am (for Preschool am).

Extended Care After School starts at different times depending on the day/class:

*Tuesday/Thursday Preschool 11:00 am

*Monday/Wednesday/Friday Preschool 11::30 am

*Kindergarten 11:10 am

*1st – 8th grades 3:00 pm

Extended Care ends at 5:00 pm.  Please be respectful to the program and staff by picking up your children on time.  Late Fees ($4.00 per 15 minutes) begin at 5:00 pm.

We realize that “emergencies” do arise.  Please contact the Extended Coordinator immediately so that we may help you during this time.

All Discipline Policies of NHCS apply to Extended Care students.  Issues involving negative behavior may lead to suspension of participation in the Extended Care Program.  Parents are asked to facilitate a quiet, timely, and respectful pick-up when their children are leaving Extended Care.  Disruptive pick ups cause other children to worry about their pick up time or their parent’s arrival.  Pick time is NOT the time to start a game or draw another picture.  Staff will support parents if their child struggles with leaving.

Children in the Extended Care Program will have a “regular routine” of active and quiet play, reading books, arts/crafts/ and resting time…..depending on their age and the times they are scheduled.



Children scheduled to be in Extended Care during the lunch hour need to bring a packed lunch. Please pack a lunch that is age appropriate, complete with spoons or forks (disposable ones preferred).  Milk and water is served at lunch, so there is no need to pack a drink or juice box.  No food will be able to be heated, please pack a thermos if needed. 

Children should be toilet trained.  Accidents do happen.  Children who have accidents daily or on a regular basis may need to suspend the use of the Extended Care Program until toileting issues are resolved. 

Children must have a change of clothes with them in their back packs daily, including underwear.  Staff will approach these situations with compassion and dignity.

Children should be prepared to play outdoors on a regular basis.  Please send appropriate outdoor clothing.

While these policies seem rigid, such policy and procedure written statements are needed for clarity in running a high quality program.  Thank you for respecting the Extended Care staff and program.  Below please find the phone numbers and email information needed to contact Extended Care.  Please keep these policy statements and information for future reference.  Please sign, date, and return the attached contract agreement for these Extended Care policies if you plan on using Extended Care on a regular basis or just on occasion.  We will be contacting you to discuss your needs.

Extended Care Email address

Carri Jankowski – Extended Coordinator 725-8797 x343

Laurie Prewitt – School Administrator 725-8797×310