One time opportunities:
• Mystery Reader…set up a time with Mrs. Kramer to come and read to the children. SSHHH! Don’t tell you are coming. It is a secret until you are seated in front of the children and they uncover their eyes. This opportunity is open to moms, dads, grandparents, or other close family members. I encourage that each child has one guest during the year. The visit is generally a 10 -20 minute visit.

Weekly and Biweekly Opportunities
• 1st grade lunch assistants… this includes assisting the children with hand washing before and after lunch, assisting children in the lunchroom with opening things as needed and getting hot lunch, and assisting the children in getting ready for recess. I am looking for parents who can commit to one day each week or every other week from 10:45 – 11:45.
• Assisting in the classroom with writing conferences or listening to children read aloud. There may be some opportunities for this throughout the week, however, I like to allow the children time to settle in before we start having parents assist in these areas.
• Preparatory work at school…. this includes possible cutting with the paper cutter, copying, die cutting, project preparations, etc.
• Preparatory work at home…this includes things that may need to be traced, cut, sorted, stapled, made into booklets, etc.

Monthly Opportunities
• Book Order…this includes separating the order forms and attaching each form to a note. This can be done at home.

•Fieldtrips…we look forward having parents join us as drivers and chaperones on fieldtrips.

You can find a volunteer form by clicking here.

Please note that there are MANY ways to get involved at NHCS.