NHCS students and teachers have the opportunity to ‘pay-up’ to ‘dress-down’ on Fridays.  This is a fundraiser to help support the 7th and 8th grade annual class trip.  If middle school students and their siblings participate in Jean Fridays the money they raise goes directly into their account for the class trip [when they purchase a 10-Friday or all-year-pass; one-day-pass goes into the general fund].  All other NHCS students who help raise money through this fundraiser will go into a general fund to help pay for the teachers who attend as chaperones and then evenly divided among the middle school students.

Students and teachers may participate in Jean Fridays by purchasing any of the following passes:

(passes purchased in NHCS office – checks made out to NHCS)

10-Fridays pass for $30.00
all-year pass for $90.00
one-day pass for $5.00

Rules for Jean Fridays:

jeans may not be low-hanging
no skinny jeans
no embellishments (lace, patterns, jewels, etc.)
no holes or frays
jeans are to be worn with a dress code top, Christian t-shirt, or NHCS t-shirt only

The purchase of any of the Jean Day passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Thank you for your understanding and for supporting the middle school student’s class trip!