Kindergarten Dress Code
(updated 8/15)

Every year, questions are asked about the dress code for kindergarten.  In order to take a proactive approach and have everyone of the same understanding, we have decided to put the code in writing so any questions can be addressed as you are selecting clothing for your child.  If you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact  Mrs. Prewitt or me.

**Please send your child in comfortable, easy to wash clothing.  We are active and busy (and doing things that may get clothing dirty!)

All clothing backpacks should be God-honoring and reflect the core values of New Hope Christian School. Thank you for being discerning about worldly characters and pop-culture figures.  Please NO:

            depictions of Halloween-jack-o-laterns, ghosts or skulls
              weapons, skulls or crossbones
                             this included socks and shoes

Please make sure girls’ skirts and dresses are of appropriate length.  A good guide is they come to the end of the child’s fingertips. Please NO spaghetti strap tank tops for girls.

Please have your child wear pants, shorts, capris on Gym days–Wednesday and Friday.

Shoes: Shoes should be comfortable and easy to run and play in.  Crocs are okay as long as your child is willing to leave the back strap on his/her heel.

Fashion boots are acceptable if no high heel, light ups or characters–remember to up hold New Hope Core Values.

NO flip flops–Sandals should have a strap

No clogs or excessivly high-heeled shoes

Reminder:  Children bring a pair of tennis shoes to leave at school.  NO slip-ons please!

(We are concerned about the children’s safety on the playground and while running and playing.)

If items such as braceletes, watches, necklaces hair items become a distraction, your child will be asked to place them in their backpack for the remainder of the day. No jewelery of any kind on gym days.