About Music Class

Each class in Grades 1-8 have two music classes each week.  One class is a Theory Class where students learn things like rhythm, pitch, timbre, tone, note reading and writing.  The other class is a Group Music Class, where grades are paired up and students learn singing skills, and prepare for programs.  Students learn through music reading, rote, games and listening.

Performance Schedule

Each grade will have opportunities to perform in different Music Programs throughout the school year.  These programs will be listed on the all-school schedule.

Praise Band

Students in Grades 6-8 have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in the Praise Band.  This is for vocalists, drummers, guitarists and keyboard players who have had or are currently taking lessons.  They should be proficient on their instrument and be prepared to be playing or singing as part of the ensemble from day one.  Performance opportunities are chapels and school programs.  Students are accepted by the Music Teacher based on their playing/singing skills.

Private Lesson Instruction

Private Music Lessons are currently available in piano, strings, flute, and other band instruments.  Lessons are held during the school day and are one on one with a highly-qualified teacher.  Each teacher sets his/her own Studio Policies and fees, and fees are paid directly to the teacher. Lesson times are coordinated between the school Music Teacher and the Private Instructor.  Students must be in good academic standing and must be able to transition in and out of class time to participate in Private Lessons.

Contact Information

Mrs. MacKenzie welcomes questions and feedback, and can be reached at 725-8797 or dmackenzie@newhopeconnect.org.