What are some of your hopes and dreams  for your children or grandchildren this school year? For the next five school years? For the next ten school years?

When New Hope Christian School (NHCS) started the first Kindergarten class in 1999, it was the beginning of a dream. A dream that all children, no matter their God given gifts, would be loved and challenged to do their very best learning, to learn to be good friends, and to practice what it means to follow Jesus. The dream is for all the children and students to “Soar High” from the foundation experienced at NHCS. So far, NHCS has seen 145 students graduate and soar on to greater heights. 

What is Soar High?

So many of you NHCS parents, students and friends are already soaring on what continually happens here. What if NHCS can soar to the next level? What if NHCS can serve even better?

Two of the goals of Soar High as a capital campaign will be to maintain tuition rates close to current levels and to make improvements for the benefit of the students without having many smaller financial appeals. There are other goals that will be shared at the banquet plus an exciting announcement.

Tax-deductible donations to Soar High can also be made before the end of calendar year or before the end of the school calendar year.

Click here to open and then print a donation form.

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No gift too small. No gift too large.
All gifts for NHCS to Soar High.