Teacher Pages are a parent’s resource that allows you to get important information and updates about what your child is learning.  Just click on your child’s teacher below:

Preschool: Laurie Prewitt, Emily Urban

Kindergarten: Deb Rudd

First Grade: Marcie Kramer

Second Grade: Cam Bedroske

Third Grade: Katie Muhlebach

Fourth Grade: Courtney Campbell

Fifth Grade: Bonnie Teinert

Sixth-Eighth Grade Language Arts, Seventh Grade History: Laine Vigue

Sixth-Eighth Grade Math, Sixth and Eighth Grade History, Fourth-Eighth Grade P.E.: Chad Urban

Sixth-Eighth Grade Science, Bible, Geography: Kim Dieck

Sixth-Eighth Grade Spanish: Noemi Aguilar

First-Third Grade P.E., Physical Therapy: Melissa Signoretti

Fourth-Sixth Grade Physical Education: Jared Prewitt

Therapies: Cathy Borek ,Occupational Therapy, and Kris Wisniewski, Speech

Enhanced Learning Support: Sarah Vogel, Kami Kersten, and Gina Kroon

Art: Carri Jankowski

Music: Deb MacKenzie

Library: Jennifer Gray