New Hope Christian School strives to support all learners. In that endeavor, in addition to the expert eyes of the teachers, NHCS has Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy consultation on site.  NHCS strives to support students to be the best learners God created them to be, especially those students not served by Individualized Education Plans (IEP) in the public system or receiving clinical therapy. Support will be provided for existing IEP’s but are not meant to replace services for which a student has been qualified and is entitled to receive. Our intention is to meet children at their present level and encourage growth from that point. Our hope is that by taking a proactive approach for struggling learners before they fall too far behind so that the student can gain the confidence and skills to see themselves as a competent learner.

The goals of therapy are to enhance, restore performance or adapt for students’ special needs in the educational framework. Therapists are available to consult with teachers and staff as well as parents to achieve this goal. Areas of support include small motor and gross motor skills, visual integration, sensory integration, social skills, speech production and language skills. Therapists are an integral part of every classroom to ensure the continued development of all learners.

Find out more about the Therapy Department by viewing the links below:

Cathy Borek, OTR, Lead Occupational Therapist.

Kris Wisniewski, SLP 

Melissa Signoretti, PT

For further information please contact Laurie Prewitt, administrator, 725-8797 ext 310 or Cathy Borek, OTR 725-8797 ext 318